Create a memory tree

Combine a feature wall with some of your favourite past times with our handy memory tree DIY guide

Making a memory wall

Postcards, photos, drawings – not sure where to put them? A memory tree is the solution, here’s how to make yours…


Step 1

Choose the area in your home that you wish to update

Wall for a memory feature

You will need to purchase a tree wall transfer in order to start off your design. have a really nice selection. Pick an area that is big enough to accommodate your chosen tree transfer and apply.

Step 2

Plan your colour palette. Depending on the colour scheme of the room you are updating, and the wall transfer you chose, pick items that will complement. We worked on a cream wall and chose a brown tree transfer, so decided to keep our decorations to neutral creams and browns. You don’t have to stick to one or two colours though – why not go for a bold design and pick several of your favourite bright hues?

Step 3

Wedding photos for a memory wall

Pick out some items to hang on your memory wall. Perhaps you could focus on a specific event, such as your wedding, holiday or birth of a child – you could even turn it into family tree. You don’t have to limit yourself to photos – using 3M Command products, you can hang anything from photo frames, canvases, hanging trinkets, little vases to put fresh flowers in or fairy lights. Think about the shape of the items you are hanging and try to balance the display in terms of the composition.

Step 4

Once you have decided on your arrangement and which 3M Command product is best to use for each item, try laying out all of your items out on the floor to see if the design works before you commit to hanging.

Step 5

Now it is time to hang up your design. If using 3M Command products, it is recommended that you put them on to the wall and leave them for an hour to ensure that they stick fast before you hang your items on them.


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