Christmas village advent calendar – tutorial and template

Count down the days to Christmas with this cute and simple-to-make festive village Advent calendar

Advent houses craft project

Create your own Christmas countdown with this cute advent calendar of festive houses.

You will need

  • Advent village template – download here
  • Kraft paper
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Sweets or treats

Photos Sussie Bell

CREDITS: Snowflake paper garland, £5.99, Party Delights. Paper snowflake decorations, £2 each, B&M. Uni-ball black and white Posca marker pen, £6.50 for a set of four; kraft paper roll 70cm x 9m, £3.30, both Hobbycraft


Step 1

Print the Advent calendar template and cut out the templates.

Draw around the templates onto kraft paper to make 24 matching pairs of houses. You can decide what combination of shapes and sizes to use, but make sure you end up with 24 matching pairs. Cut out the houses using a craft knife or scissors.


Step 2

Paint the fronts of some of the houses using red and green acrylic paint, leave to dry. Once dry, use a white paint pen to draw doors, windows, roof tiles and numbers from 1-24 on your houses.


Step 3

Lay the undecorated backs of the houses out on your work surface and place a small treat, such as a sweet or a toy, in the centre of each one.

Draw a line of glue around the edges of each house back using a glue stick. Carefully place the corresponding house front on top and press firmly to stick all the edges in place, sealing the treat inside, and leave to dry.