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How to clean a barbecue

We share the easiest ways to clean your barbecue grill - including removing baked-on food and grease

Published: August 9, 2021 at 1:08 pm
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Come rain or shine, it wouldn’t be a British summer without barbecues. If you haven't got round to hosting a BBQ yet, it’s time to brush off any of last year's cobwebs and get your grill looking sparkling. At the other end of the scale if you've been cooking up a storm already this summer, you might have noticed your well-used barbecue could do with a deep clean.


Read on to find out the best methods to give your barbecue a deep clean:

How to clean a barbecue

If there are still those annoying bits of burgers and sausage stuck to the grill after use, try steaming off those stubborn food remnants. Here's how: allow the barbecue to cool slightly, then lay water-soaked newspaper on the grill and close the lid. Then just leave to steam for half an hour. This simple process should dislodge any baked-on food and grease, ready for a deep clean.

Next, it’s time for a good scrub. Create a simple solution of washing-up liquid and hot water and scrub well with a grill brush with wire bristles.

Alternatively, depending on the type of barbecue you have, the hotplates or grill might fit nicely into your dishwasher, saving you a lot of elbow grease.

If that doesn’t do the job, opt for a designated barbecue cleaner for heavy mess, like HG's oven, grill and BBQ cleaner. Just make sure to dry immediately after to prevent any rusting.

To finish the job, try rubbing down the grill with a coating of sunflower oil. Oiling your grill will further help to prevent rust and make sure food doesn’t stick to the wire rack the next time you use the barbecue.

To do this, simply wipe the grill down with a wad of paper towel dabbed in oil - just be sure to shake off any excess oil, as applying too much could causes flare-ups the next time you grill.


Don’t forget to clean any side tables that are attached to your barbecue, too. The presence of raw meats means bacteria can thrive on these surfaces, so make sure to give them a good wipe down with antibacterial cleaner after using.



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