While cleaning the toilet is in no way an enjoyable task, it's a chore we can't ignore, so an effective toilet cleaner is a bathroom essential. Luckily, there are a number of effective toilet cleaners available, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly tackle limescale and nasty bacteria.

So to help you keep your toilet squeaky clean, we've gathered the best toilet cleaners on the market. We've included a mix of gels, eco-friendly solutions and fizzing tablets, so you can find a toilet cleaner that works for your bathroom and cleaning routine.

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Best toilet cleaner for 2023

Ecover Toilet Cleaner

Best toilet cleaner for 2023

For eco-friendly cleaning products, Ecover tends to have our back and their solutions are affordable and easily found too which is a bonus. The brand's limescale toilet cleaner is made with plant-based, biodegradable ingredients so you can tackle unsightly stains with cleaner ingredients.

Just squirt the formula under and around the toilet bowl rim, leave for ten minutes, and scrub before flushing away. Offering a unique pine and mint scent, Ecover's solution aims to avoid the strong, overpowering scents we associate with toilet cleaners.

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Ecozone Magnoloo Toilet Descaler

Ecozone Magnoloo Toilet Descaler

Planet-friendly cleaning brand Ecozone have come up with a clever cost-effective, environmentally-friendly way to clean your toilet. Their Magnoloo toilet descaler sits in the cistern, and helps remove limescale for up to five years. The water is treated magnetically, rather than chemically, so the limescale is flushed down the toilet before it gets a chance to stick around.

We love this idea, as you can keep your toilet clean without the use of harsh chemicals, and as the device is hidden in the cistern, you won't even notice it. This is also one to consider if you're not a fan of overpowering scents, whether that's chemical or floral.

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Miniml toilet cleaner gel

Miniml eco toilet cleaner

Another cleaning brand with commendable eco-credentials to consider. Not only do Miniml pick up your empty containers so they can be refilled and reused, but the brand's toilet cleaner is non-toxic and free of chlorine bleaches, solvents and sulphates. Offering a subtle spearmint fragrance, and an uber-stylish bottle that looks more like an expensive shampoo than a toilet cleaner, this cleaning product has plenty going for it.

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Bloo Power Active Toilet Rim Block

Bloo toilet rim block

To save you the hassle of a weekly toilet clean, you can opt for a rim block. The device effortlessly hooks under the toilet seat, and cleans your toilet every time you flush. This specific rim block from Bloo lasts for 240 flushes, and it's perfumed so you can enjoy a pleasant scent every time you flush. Not just an air freshener though, this product helps remove limescale, so you can cut back on cleaning time.

The plastic casing that holds the cleaning balls is recyclable, as is the outer packaging.

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Pink Stuff Toilet Cleaner

The Pink Stuff toilet cleaner

Fans of The Pink Stuff cleaning paste will be pleased to hear there's a Pink Stuff toilet cleaner too. This is a foamy solution that cleans above and below the water line, designed to remove limescale and kill bacteria.

A solid choice for regular bathroom use with a fresh and fruity scent, and as always with this brand, expect the most vibrant of bottles.

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Harpic Power Plus Active toilet cleaner tablets

Harpic toilet tablets

Harpic is a big name in the world of toilet cleaning, and a popular choice. The Power Plus Active Tablets are all about making the dreaded chore of removing limescale as effortless as possible. Just put a tablet into the toilet, let it fizz away, and then flush it down. Perfect for those who don't want to spend time scrubbing.

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Domestos White Rose and Tea Tree Oil Toilet Block

Domestos rim blocker

While the Domestos toilet block does work as a toilet cleaner, it's main purpose is more of a toilet freshener as it's been made with essential oils. So if you're fed up of spraying and lighting candles, this white rose and tea tree oil toilet block could be a more effortless way to create a more consistent pleasant bathroom aroma.

How to choose the best toilet cleaner

Germs and bacteria

As natural breeding grounds for germs, toilets can harvest bacteria such as such as E. coli. and Salmonella, so you want a toilet cleaner that kills bacteria as well as removes limescale. Most toilet cleaners promise to do both, but it's worth looking into the ingredients as you'll find a range of formulas from the more eco-friendly, non-toxic solutions made with natural ingredients to harsher, industrial strength products.


Toilet cleaners tend to have overpowering chemical scents due to their strength, but a number of brands offer fruity and floral hints to give your bathroom a more pleasant aroma. You'll find a mix of tea tree, lemon and spearmint in our round-up.

Liquids, gels or tablets

While the liquid formulas you squirt along the toilet bowl rim are a popular choice - as you can let the solution work away for a long period of time - you can also opt for jelly-like tablets and rim blocks that stick to the side of the toilet bowl and clean the toilet after every flush. The latter are less effort, while the gel bottle formulas are great for a more intense and thorough clean.

If you want to stay as far away from the toilet as possible, and we don't blame you, you may prefer the tablets. You can just chuck them into the toilet and flush.

So read our selection of the best toilet cleaners below and enjoy a limescale-free lavatory.

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