Does your Christmas tree look amazing but none of your photos do it justice? Do you want to show it off on Instagram and your other social media channels in its best light? Using just a few simple principles, you can improve your photography skills even if you're using nothing more than your smartphone. Your Home's deputy art editor Beth Charlton Lucas has this advice for nailing the perfect Christmas tree shot:


How to photograph your Christmas tree

Turn the flash off

The bright light of a flash will overpower the ambient light in the room, which is what gives your image a warm and cosy feel and provides depth and dimension to the rest of the room. If shooting at night, make sure you have extra light sources to help increase the ambient lighting in the room - this way the twinkly lights on your tree won’t dominate the shot. Another way to avoid this is to underexpose your image - you can do this simply by touching the brightest part of the frame before pressing the shutter.

Use a tripod

There is nothing worse than blurry photos when you are aiming for a professional look. Set up the shot and use a timer and tripod to reduce the risk of a shaky image. Also think about orientation - if you're planning on uploading your pictures to Instagram, try shooting square for a grid post or portrait for Instagram Stories.

Try out different angles

With thousands of Christmas tree shots on Instagram each year, shooting at different angles can help you stand out from the crowd. Try shooting from below for a dramatic look or from above to capture the beautifully wrapped presents under the tree.

Focus on individual ornaments

How to zoom in on Christmas tree ornaments

As an alternative to the typical tree shot, instead focus on individual ornaments, and give them a moment to shine. To create a blurred background around the object in focus, try shooting in portrait mode on your phone. This mode lets you adjust the F-stop which controls the depth of the image. The smaller the F-stop is, the more blur will be present in the background. The larger the F-stop, the less blur there will be.

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Make it personal

How to photograph a Christmas tree

There is nothing more special than capturing images of the ones you cherish most and making memories to keep forever. Whether it be family members or pets, including your loved ones in your photos will help elevate your snaps - plus, people always love to see a fluffy friend on their Instagram feed!

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