Whether you’re on the lookout for a mid-afternoon snack or hunting down that last ingredient for dinner, a messy fridge can be incredibly frustrating. And as we constantly add new items and use up old ones, it’s not a place we often focus on when it comes to tidying up.


Luckily, getting everything ship-shape doesn’t always mean ruthless de-cluttering and obsessively categorising your yoghurts. With a few simple fridge organisers, you can keep similar items close together and easily accessible.

We’ve found some of our favourite fridge organisers online - as well as a few smart food canisters and storage solutions to keep your leftovers looking sharp.

Our favourite fridge organisers to buy today

Set of 8 clear storage containers & kitchen labels

Fridge storage boxes and personalised stickers

One of the fastest ways to organise your fridge is to separate your food into a series of see-through containers like these. Then, you can stop your shelves becoming a jumbled mess, and it’ll only take a quick glance to see which items need restocking in your next food shop.

These eight transparent containers have strong bases and handles, making it easy to pull them out to reach items at the back and even move them onto your worktops. In the pack, you’ll get four large trays and four small, all made with lightweight yet durable BPA-free plastic. And if you don’t want to use them all in your fridge, you could share them out across your kitchen cupboards as well.

More like this

Why not take your fridge organisers to the next level by adding helpful - and totally Instagrammable - labels to your trays? You can choose your favourite size and colour at the checkout.

Lazy Susan turntable organiser

mDesign Lazy Susan Turntable Organiser with jars inside

Lazy Susans are a versatile kitchen accessory, used as nifty storage solutions in cupboards as well as spinning table centrepieces for help-yourself-style meals. This one, with shallow sides, makes a perfect food container, helping you access items at the back of your fridge with one quick spin.

It rotates completely, so you’ll always be able to get your hands on the jars and bottles inside. And the plastic construction means wiping up spills is quick and easy.

This design also comes in white and grey, but the clear version makes it simple to see its contents.

Fridge caddy with handle

Handy Kitchen Fridge Storage Tray

Another great fridge organiser is this tray from Dunelm. It’s nice and tall to stop large jars and bottles from tipping over, and the clear sides should make it easy to spot the items you need. Plus, the handle comes with a non-slip covering for extra grip.

We love this slimline caddy for keeping everything neat and tidy, but there is a larger version available at Dunelm too.

Eco-friendly glass food storage containers

Eco friendly Glass food storage containers on a kitchen worktop

If you’re a batch-cooker - or aspire to be - this set of food storage containers can help you stay on top of your meal prep.

These ones have the days of the week written on them but you can choose any wording or leave them blank. You can also select the font and colour of your labels, and opt for a circular container over a rectangular one to create the look you’re after.

Made with glass and bamboo with a silicone seal, these smart storage dishes are an eco-friendly - and more visually appealing - alternative to the many plastic containers on the market.

Joseph Joseph Compact Tiered Organiser

Joseph Joseph Compact Tiered Cupboard Organiser

This tiered organiser is a great option if you want to make the most of your fridge space. With a neat, built-in drawer, it raises your jars up while keeping your other bits and bobs tidied away underneath.

We can always rely on Joseph Joseph to provide streamlined storage solutions, and this one comes with a smart grey and charcoal design.

Eco Glass Jars

Eco glass jars with a plant and some crockery on a table

Fridge organisation doesn’t get much cuter than this. And not only are these storage canisters beautifully designed, they’re also practical and sustainable too.

Made with borosilicate glass, the containers can withstand extreme temperature changes without cracking, and the lids are ethically sourced acacia wood. They come with an airtight seal - perfect for storing your leftovers in the fridge.

Either mix and match your jars, available in sizes between 250ml and 1,500ml, or opt for a bundle of 40 to use around your home and kitchen.

Joseph Joseph Expandable Shelf

Joseph Joseph CupboardStore Expandable Shelf Organiser, Grey

Another fantastic fridge organiser from Joseph Joseph is this clever expanding shelf. You can use it at its smallest size, or pull out the second section to fit your space perfectly.

This option is ideal if you have a lot of small items like jars and yoghurts in your fridge.

It comes with a textured surface and a lip around the edge to keep everything in place. And the stainless steel legs fold up, so you can slot the entire shelf into narrow gaps for easy storage when you’re not using it.

Bower Collective reusable snack bag / reusable bowl covers

Bower Collective food storage pouch and bowl covers

Taking its name from the bowerbird, which repurposes brightly coloured scraps to decorate its nest - or ‘bower’ - the Bower Collective champions sustainability. Its range of aesthetically pleasing products are all designed to help us minimise our waste and impact on the planet.


If you’re ready to move on from single-use plastic bags and wrap, these cheerful food covers are the perfect solution for keeping leftovers fresh. The yellow pouch is made from linen with a waterproof lining, while the bowl covers come with an elasticated hem for a close fit. Both are machine washable at up to 30°C.


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