Emma Bridgewater is a British institution, turning out crockery, kitchenware and home accessories in that instantly-recognisable signature style, across designs ranging from its classic polka dot pattern to illustrations inspired by nature, places and people.


Needless to say, when we saw that the company had added dozens of brand new items to its collections for summer 2022, we had to check it out! We've scoured the new ranges, which include designs inspired by summer berries, the British coastline and even shellfish, to share our favourite must-haves with you!

Whether you're looking for an uplifting mug to match those sunny summer mornings, or a show-stopping platter for serving up your garden party goodies, read on for our picks of Emma Bridgewater's latest ranges:

Emma Bridgewater summer 2022: our favourites from the collection

Crab 8 1/2 Inch Plate

With that eye-catching lifelike crab illustration, this 8 1/2 inch plate is just the thing for enjoying a seafood supper, whether that's oysters, mussels or even some crab (although we do think that feels a little bit cannibalistic!). If you do choose to go down that route, though, you'll find a recipe for a tasty crab pasta dish printed on the back of the plate!

Union Jack 1/2 Pint Mug

If you're still buzzing from the Platinum Jubilee and not quite ready to let go of those patriotic vibes, this mug's uplifting Union Jack design, complete with bunting pattern on the inside of the rim, is a wonderful way to remember the spectacular Jubilee weekend for years to come.

More like this

Vegetable Garden Strawberries Medium Oblong Plate

Why not serve up your next batch of scones on this oblong plate from the Vegetable Garden range, complete with summery strawberry motif? You can find our recipe for classic British scones with jam and clotted cream here.

Made from glazed and painted earthernware, the 31.5 x 18.5cm plate is dishwasher-safe, but avoid using in the microwave or oven.

Red Lobster Linen & Stripe Cushion

Now this, we love! Emma Bridgewater is famous for its crockery and serveware, but you might not know that the brand has also branched out into home accessories, including this gorgeous linen stripe cushion with a one-of-a-kind lobster illustration. Style this on your favourite armchair or use it brighten up your outdoor furniture - just remember to bring it inside before the inevitable showers!

Peaches Milk Jug

Biting into a juicy, sun-ripened peach is a truly joyful summer experience, commemorated in this beautiful milk jug, which can hold up to 900ml. We love the soft pastel tones in the design of the jug - why not use as a small vase to hold a bunch of hand-picked wildflowers?

Shoreline 1/2 Pint Mug

This evocative nautical-themed half-pint mug will instantly transport you to memories of summer walks along the coast, with its colourful illustration of boats bobbing around a lighthouse. The perfect gift for the special person in your life who lives to be close to the sea!

Raspberries Medium Pasta Bowl

Emma Bridgewater's pasta bowls are such a versatile vessel - as well as pasta, they're a great size for breakfast cereal or porridge, soup, salad or puddings. Or why not take your inspiration from the cute raspberries motif and fill with a fresh fruit salad?

Blossom Square Tin Caddy

This small enamel caddy with a delicate blossom design is so cute, and a steal at £4! Fill with your favourite tea leaves - or, if you're not much of a tea drinker, it's perfect for holding on to odds and ends.


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