When it comes to choosing the best kitchen recycling bin for your home, you'll need to consider three key factors before you buy: size, function and features.


For instance, a slim kitchen bin is a lifesaver if you're short on space, while a busy family may prefer to sacrifice a little more space for the convenience of a large kitchen bin. A low and wide model - like the Brabantia kitchen bin featured below - might suit some spaces, while a tall, slimline kitchen bin like the EKO Morandi will slot neatly into a narrow gap.

Then you need to consider the function of your kitchen bin. That is, what do you need it to do? The answer will depend on the layout of your kitchen and your local recycling rules. Whether you're looking for a double kitchen bin to separate waste from recyclables, or a whole recycling station with compartments for plastic, glass and cardboard, we've got the right model for you!

And then there are all those little extras - from high-tech sensor bins to fingerprint-proof steel to colour-coded pedals, you'll find clever features you never knew you needed.

Read on to discover the best kitchen bin for you! And when you're done, why not check out our guide to stylish food waste caddies to complete your waste storage makeover, and for a bigger eco switch-up, take a look at our guide to making your kitchen more sustainable as well.

Best kitchen bins & recycling bins available in 2023

Brabantia Bo touch bin

Best for style

Brabantia Bo touch bin
  • Capacity: 36L
  • Dimensions: D31.5 x W54 x H68 cm

If you’re not lucky enough to have a bin built into your kitchen cabinets, you’ll know what a nightmare it can be trying to find a bin that doesn’t ruin the overall look of your space. This is where Brabantia’s Bo Touch bin comes in!

The thing we love most is that this is a kitchen bin that doesn’t look like a bin, but a piece of midcentury modern furniture in its own right, blending into your kitchen seamlessly.

This model is super space-efficient and fits closely to the wall or in a corner, making it the perfect option for a small flat or galley kitchen. Available in an array of stylish colours, the bin also opens silently with a light touch. If you do decide to purchase this, it comes with a ten-year guarantee too, so in our eyes, you can’t go wrong.

EKO Morandi Touch Bin

Best for practicality

EKO Morandi bin
  • Capacity: 40L
  • Dimensions: W23 x D36 H61 cm

If you're after a slim kitchen bin, the Morandi is the ideal space-saving addition to your kitchen. At just 23cm wide, it can fit into a much narrower gap than the average bin.

However, the real standout selling point of the Morandi kitchen bin is its interlocking design, which means you can attach several bins together to create a single tidy waste station for everything from paper to glass.

More like this

Each bin also comes with a handy pack of recycling category stickers, which include words and images so even the youngest members of your family can start to learn how to recycle.

Morphy Richards Chroma square sensor bin

Best for sensor

Morphy Richards Chroma square sensor bin
  • Capacity: 50L
  • Dimensions: D24.5 x W34.5 x H74 cm

Morphy Richards is a trusted name when it comes to home appliances, and this stylish kitchen bin is no different.

Its built-in infrared lid sensor (powered by 4 x AA batteries, not included) can detect your hand from up to 15cm away, lifting automatically and closing after five seconds of inactivity.

The hands-free technology makes this a perfect choice for busy households - no more balancing an armful of plates while trying to lift the bin lid. Plus, it's hygienic, too!

Made from durable, easy-clean stainless steel, this is a kitchen bin that will stand the test of time.

Joseph Joseph Totem compact recycling bin

Best for compartments

Joseph Joseph Totem compact bin
  • Capacity: 40L
  • Dimensions: W30 x L36.6 x D76 cm

Joseph Joseph is one of the market leaders in cutting-edge bin design, producing innovative and sleek waste solutions. The Totem double kitchen recycling bin is an example of this creative thinking in action - its clever two-tier system makes it among the best kitchen bins for collecting a large amount of rubbish on a small space footprint.

Each of the two stacked compartments can hold 20L of rubbish - so simply pull out the lower drawer on its smooth sliding mechanism for double the capacity. Each one also comes with replaceable activated carbon filters to wick away any unwelcome smells before they can escape. The top drawer also includes a removable 3L food waste caddy.

For maximum convenience, we suggest putting dry, non-perishable recyclables like paper in the bottom compartment to build up until full, and collecting everyday waste or smellier recyclables in the easily removable top drawer.

Two-section recycling bin

Best for capacity

Two section John Lewis bin

Capacity: 60L

Dimensions: H66.4 x W53 x D37.2cm

Inside this smart John Lewis bin you'll find two 30L compartments with soft-close lids, each controlled by an independent foot pedal to minimise unnecessary exposure. With a total capacity of 60L, this is a family-sized bin that would be ideal for a busy kitchen.

Swan retro kitchen bin

Best retro colour

Pink Swan Retro bin
  • Capacity: 45L
  • Dimensions: D24 x W31 x H67 cm

The modern kitchen bin often comes with so many mechanical features that it's practically an appliance in and of itself - so it's no surprise that sleek contemporary designs dominate the market. But what if your home decor leans more toward the curved lines and pastel tones? Luckily, there are some fab options for modern bins with vintage flair - including Swan's retro kitchen bin.

Despite its 1950s-inspired appearance, this is in all other respects a 21st-century bin. The lid comes with a built-in infrared sensor for contactless opening and closing, which can be deactivated at the flick of a button if you need to switch to manual operation.

VonHaus stainless steel step-on recycling bin

Best for recycling

VonHaus 36L recycling bin
  • Capacity: 36L
  • Dimensions: H50cm x W48cm x D28cm

We all know how important it is to recycle, but in a small kitchen it can be difficult to find the space to keep your rubbish organised. However, this VonHaus bin with two compartments (a 12L and a 24L) makes sorting your recycling a breeze! Simply empty when full by using the easy-clean stainless steel handle on each compartment to lift it out.

We especially love the colour-coded pedals, to help ensure that every item ends up in the right destination without the need for labels.


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