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The best cookers on the market in the UK

Read on for our expert guide and round-up of the best cookers available to buy now, including gas and electric, freestanding and integrated

Cookmaster CK90C230 electric range cooker

A cooker should last for years to come, so it needs to be durable, high-quality and suited to you to ensure it’s a worthy investment.


But before you go ahead and splash the cash, check out our must-read advice on what to consider before you buy.

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How to choose the best cooker for you

Gas vs electric cookers

First and foremost, you should begin your search by deciding whether you want a gas or an electric cooker. In general, gas cookers tend to be less costly, which makes them more appealing if you’re on a tight budget, but an electric oven will give you more control over temperatures and cooking areas.

However, although the initial investment is more expensive, a good compromise would be a dual-fuel cooker as this can use gas and electric so you get the best of both worlds.

Lauren Clark, Large Appliance Expert at explains what you should consider: ‘To decide on the fuel type, you need to think about what your kitchen is set up to cater for, but also your cooking style.

‘For example, if you bake then an electric cooker may be preferable as it distributes heat evenly. Whereas, if you’re an avid cook then a gas or induction hob might be more suitable as these are similar to those used in a professional kitchen.’

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Integrated vs free-standing cookers

Another vital point to consider is whether you’d like an integrated or free-standing model.

An integrated cooker will give your kitchen a sleek and stylish look, however any repairs can prove difficult as you’d have to take apart your worktop to get to the oven.

Free-standing versions tend to be cheaper and easier to install and repair as they slot easily into a modular kitchen design.

You’ll also need to figure out what size the cooker will need to be so it fits comfortably in your kitchen.

Energy efficiency and cookers

Energy efficiency is especially important if you’re trying to keep your utility costs down. An A or AA rated model is best for this, and even though you might be paying more for the cooker to start with, you’ll be making huge savings on your monthly bills, and be lending a helping hand to the environment.

You should also consider which features will benefit you. ‘There’s a whole host of technology to look out for,’ says Lauren, ‘you can find various features such as steam cooking and temperature probes; it all depends on how seriously you take your cooking. There are now even ‘smart’ ovens where you can keep an eye on food without even opening the door – it’s all done on your phone!’

Jargonbusters: A guide to cooker terminology

Confused by conventional heating and catalytic liners? This glossary translates the puzzling terminology…

Circulaire fan

A circulaire fan can reduce cooking time by up to 20 per cent. The consistent circulation means you can cook different things at the same time without a crossover of flavours.

Conventional heating

A conventional heating oven has two heating elements that warm the air inside the oven and cook food by blanketing it in a layer of heat. Usually an inexpensive option.

Minute minder

A minute minder is a timer on your oven that will ring when the set cooking time is up.

Catalytic liners

Catalytic liners are rough surfaces inside an oven that are designed to catch and break down food spills so that you don’t get a build-up of grease and grime while cooking.

Ceramic hob

Ceramic hobs have heating elements underneath a glass surface that warm up and transfer the heat to the hob. Easy to clean and work with any type of pan.

Induction hob

An induction coil beneath the hob transfers heat directly to the pan – it’s as quick as gas, and the hob surface itself remains cool. Requires iron-based pans such as stainless steel.

The best cookers on the market in the UK

Hotpoint Cannon CH60DHKFS double dual fuel cooker in Black, £499, AO

Best cookers uk: Hotpoint cannon CH60DHKF double dual fuel cooker in Black
Hotpoint cannon CH60DHKF double dual fuel cooker in Black
  • Minute minder
  • Catalytic liners
  • Two ovens
  • Electric grill
  • Four-zone gas burner hob

This Hotpoint model’s catalytic liners will work wonders when it comes to keeping the inside of the oven clean. Toastie-making is also made simple with its Solar Plus Grill, which will give off high-intensity heat for extra crispy meals.

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JLFSMC621 double dual fuel cooker in Silver, £849, John Lewis & Partners

Best cookers uk: JLFSMC621 double dual fuel cooker in Silver
JLFSMC621 double dual fuel cooker in Silver
  • Two electric ovens
  • Four oven shelves
  • Four gas hobs of various sizes
  • Energy rating: A
  • Adjustable electric grill

From straightforward dinners to fancy dishes, this oven has you covered. It features plenty of space for cooking several meals at once and has a programmable timer so there’s no chance of burning your favourite meals!

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Beko ADC5422AW electric cooker with ceramic hob, £279,

Best cookers uk: Beko ADC5422AW electric cooker with ceramic hob
Beko ADC5422AW electric cooker with ceramic hob
  • Energy rating: A
  • Separate grill
  • Electric oven
  • Ceramic four-zone hob
  • Grill pan included

With A-rated energy efficiency, a handy grill and an electric conventional oven, you’ll be able to experiment in the kitchen while keeping your utility costs low.

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Hotpoint Newstyle HAE60K double oven electric cooker with ceramic hob, £399, Argos

Best cookers uk: Hotpoint Newstyle HAE60K double oven electric cooker with ceramic hob
Hotpoint Newstyle HAE60K double oven electric cooker with ceramic hob
  • 65-litre main oven capacity
  • 45-litre top oven capacity with integrated grill
  • Four-zone ceramic hob
  • Energy rating: B
  • Circulaire fan

In need of an oven with enough room to feed a large family? This electric Hotpoint cooker is up to the task with its two ovens and ceramic hob.

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AEG CCB6740AC free-standing electric cooker, £649, John Lewis & Partners

Best cookers uk: AEG CCB6740AC free-standing electric cooker
AEG CCB6740AC free-standing electric cooker
  • Minute minder
  • Conventional heating
  • Three oven shelves
  • Four-zone hob
  • Two ovens

This quick-to-heat double oven will ensure there’s an even temperature throughout for consistent cooking and it has more than enough room for saucepans of all sizes on the hob, too.

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Zanussi ZCI66050BA electric cooker with induction hob, £659,

Best cookers uk: Zanussi ZCI66050BA electric cooker with induction hob
Zanussi ZCI66050BA electric cooker with induction hob
  • Energy rating: A
  • Induction hob
  • Thermaflow technology
  • Enamel interior to absorb grease
  • Electric oven and grill

This model features Thermaflow technology which uses a fan to circulate hot air so that the flavours don’t transfer between different dishes.

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