If your kitchen is full of half crumpled cans waiting to be recycled, a crusher may be your best bet to keep your space organised ahead of bin day.


Simply pull down the lever and this device will reduce the size of your cans for you, making life easier when it comes to sorting your rubbish, and also helping maximise space in your waste.

There are a variety of styles available, from those that attach to walls to crushers you can step on, so we've put together some of our favourite picks below.

Best can crushers to buy in 2023

Metal Can Crusher

There are two versions of this can crusher available, one that can take on 12 ounce cans while the other can crush slightly larger 16 ounce cans, saving room in your rubbish bins and helping organise your recycling.

It works by using a lever system which can crush a variety of aluminium cans, with holes prepared in the back so it can be easily attached to a solid surface, weighing just 340 grams.

It's made from a sturdy steel material with a matching steel arm but there's padding on the handle to make the process nice and comfortable. There’s even a built-in bottle opener on the bottom.

Chambridge Aluminum Can Compactor

This sleek can compactor is clearly labelled on the front so there'll be no confusion about what it is, however it neatly hides the can crushing element inside for a cleaner and more subtle appearance.

Made entirely from steel it should make light work of aluminium cans, and it can be easily installed on any surface that works best for you in your home, with screws included to make the task as simple as possible.

The lever also has a cushioned surround so you can give it a decent pull to make sure the can is crushed, without it causing any discomfort.

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Air Cylinder Can Crusher

If you're looking for a heavy-duty can crusher that will do all the work for you, look no further than this impressive device.

Powered by an air cylinder and piston system, this sturdy and robust metal construction should crumple aluminium cans with ease.

Eddingtons Heavy-Duty Can Crusher

If you'd prefer to put your can crusher on the floor so it's out of the way, or you'd like to use the weight of your foot instead of the strength of your arm, this can crusher relies on a foot pedal as opposed to a typical lever.

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Promising to crush standard aluminium cans, plastic bottles and even steel cans, this versatile crusher is a solid unit that can be easily flattened and stored out of sight when not in use.

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Meliconi Toglingombro Plastic Bottle & Can Crusher

This vibrant and stylish device could sit in the corner of the kitchen and you may not guess what it is at first glance. Remove the lid however and you'll spot it's an efficient crushing device that aims to reduce both plastic bottles and cans.

The plastic compartment inside is also removable if you'd like to wash it in between crushing, should any food residue be left over from one of the cans.

Kitchencraft Floor Standing Foot Operated Can Crusher

Dispose of your recyclable cans with minimal fuss, with this foot operated crusher from KitchenCraft.

Capable of reducing the size of everything from regular cans to especially tricky tins, it makes use of a built-in piercing screw and support bar which will kick in once you put your weight on it.

Nice and compact, it can be stored neatly out of sight once your crushing is complete.

Dial Industries Aluminium Can Crusher

A simple and straightforward can crusher, this lever based device features a patented pivot mechanical system which basically means it'll have little trouble getting through your aluminium recycling, claiming to be 75% easier to use than other can crushers.

Once the cans have been reduced in size they'll also drop automatically out of the device so you won't have to touch them afterwards, sparing your fingers from any leftover stickiness or potentially sharp edges.

Just bear in mind this is not suitable for crushing cans larger than 16 ounces.

ROYALTEC Heavy Duty Can Crusher with Bottle Opener

This versatile can crusher from the ROYALTEC store will not only dispose of items that are up to 500ml in size, it also has a bottle opener built in so you can collect your caps at the same time.


It boasts a smooth action lever and a soft handle so you can crush cans with ease down to 20% of their original size, and it comes with all the screws and fixing attachments you need to place it on a wall of your choice.


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