Decorating with family photos is a sure-fire way to make any space feel like home. All you need to do is make sure you choose the right photos, and present them in the right way.


In this article, we’ll delve into the essentials of using photos in your interior design. With help from custom printing experts, we’ll reveal what you need to think about when decorating with photos.

Don’t limit yourself to wall art

What could be easier than hanging pictures on the wall? It’s a traditional yet immensely powerful decor choice that suits almost any home interior. But it isn’t the only way to display photo reproductions.

If you’re working with limited free wall space, it might be worth thinking about other print mediums – printed textiles, for example. A personalised blanket with a full-area print can have all the visual impact of a wall art display – and it’s practical too!

Match the print format to the room’s character

Every print format has its own distinctive features, both in appearance and style - a wall hanging, a canvas, and a traditional wooden frame will all give off a different vibe. While most prints are versatile and will integrate well into a range of decor styles, it’s a good idea to think about the ambience you want to create Established providers such as offer custom prints on a range of substrates – they’ll suit interiors in just about any style.

Find the right place for your photos

If you’ve got a wall at home that’s bare from floor to ceiling, that’s a natural position for a wall art display. But if not, what are your options? The fact is that even the best images can lose some of their appeal if they’re squeezed into a cramped area with no breathing space.

Make sure to leave at least 10-15 cm between wall art features, whatever their shape and size. And if your walls are starting to look overcrowded, you can try displaying small prints on bookshelves and desks – this solution works for framed photos, canvas prints, and quirky photo decor such as photo cubes.

Plan out a coherent arrangement

Photos are natural focal points for any decor scheme – pictures naturally draw our attention, and large prints such as wall art or big printed throws are a great way to layer up your living space. But if you want to display more than one photo in a room, make sure that all the prints match in style and character. Feel free to experiment with different combinations, because it’s often the most daring arrangements that bring the most impact.



Arranging an amazing photo display needn’t be difficult, expensive or time-consuming – just follow the advice have provided and you’ll be able to create personalised decor arrangements a professional decorator would be proud of!