Unless you’re lucky enough to be someone who genuinely enjoys cleaning the house, it isn’t a job we tend to relish. That’s why we’re often tempted to use the products that guarantee the best results with the least amount of time and effort required, without thinking about the potential side effects.


But what if you could have that same, easily achieved, pristine finish you love without using a cocktail of potentially harmful chemicals? That’s where Ecozone can help. It creates products with plant-based ingredients and considerate formulas, so you don’t have to sacrifice your health from exposure to harsh chemicals such as bleach and ammonia.

Let’s get chemical

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So, just how harmful can everyday cleaning products be if they’re sold at the supermarkets? The answer is a four-letter word: VOCs. Found in a number of household cleaning products, VOCs are volatile organic compounds. In other words, they’re toxic gases that evaporate at room temperature.

VOCs are often found in surfactants, or surface-active agents, and these are found in all detergents because of their ability to lift and trap dirt for an efficient clean. Surfactants can either be made from plant-based materials or fabricated from synthetic sources, but when it’s the latter, they can contain toxic impurities and VOCs, which can become airborne and contribute to indoor air pollution.

It’s for this reason Ecozone has been working hard to eliminate these ingredients, so you can clean your home using only the very best stuff.

A range for every room


If you want to kick VOCs out of your home for good, Ecozone’s brilliantly efficient and environmentally friendly range has you covered. Waging war on your greasy kitchen? Its Kitchen Cleaner Spray, made with a vegan formula and plant-based ingredients, pairs perfectly with the Kitchen Microfibre Cloth, which is designed to pick up as much dirt as possible, and also allows you to minimise the amount of cleaning spray used.

Another great kitchen eco swap is Ecozone’s Oven Cleaner Gel, which is non-caustic and non-toxic, but just as effective as regular oven cleaners – only much greener, and healthier.

Microfibre Cloths

In the bathroom, Ecozone’s Bathroom Cleaner Spray teams up with the Bathroom Microfibre Cloth as an effective, all-round cleaner for all areas of the room – it even removes limescale. And for more powerful limescale removal, the Limescale Remover is formulated for even the toughest lime deposits. There’s also a Daily Shower Cleaner and Ultra Shower Cleaner, the former designed for regular, everyday use, while the latter is best suited for weekly deep cleans, plus it’s available in a handy 2 litre refill size.

Working from home?

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For workspaces, Ecozone’s Multi-surface Wipes are a handy solution. They’re biodegradable, effective (they kill 99.9% of bacteria) and smell great, as they boast a lovely aloe vera and cucumber scent.

And if you’re doing a cheeky bit of laundry between work calls, Ecozone’s brand-new Fabric Crease Release Spray makes for a great all-round fabric refresher for furniture, clothes, bedding and more. Not only does it remove creases, but it also leaves a revitalising fresh linen fragrance.

For machine washes, you need to try Ecozone’s Soap Nuts, which come in 300g and 1kg bags, with 1kg being enough to last up to 330 washes. They’re a 100% natural, organic and biodegradable alternative to laundry detergents, and will leave your washing smelling so good you won’t be able to resist burying your face in it!

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