Outdoor spaces have felt more and more important in recent years. The benefits of gardening, whether it be tending houseplants in a high-rise flat or cultivating potted flowers in a patio garden, are numerous. It can take us out of our busy day-to-day lives and remind us of the importance of slowing down and appreciating the wonders of the natural world.


Many of us are even getting into the idea of ‘grow your own.’ Growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs as well as more conventional flowers and plants is rewarding on so many levels - it's a hobby that gets you out in nature, it's educational, and with patience, you'll be rewarded with fresh, healthy, delicious (and affordable!) produce.

We have been eyeing up Zest's collection of 'grow your own' essentials, which cover all your produce growing needs. From raised herb beds to tiered designs that would suit even the tiniest of gardens, they have something for every aspiring grower! They even offer aquatic planters, if you're after a statement water feature in your home.

Grow your own must-haves

Raised herb planter

Keep herbs neat and organised thanks to 10 separate growing compartments. Raised Herb Planter, Zest

Whatever space you have, whether it’s a balcony, a small garden, or a large garden, you can grow vegetables, herbs or even just a lovely display of flowers with the amazing selection of stylish and practical wooden planters from Zest. Take this raised herb planter, for example, which provides not only plenty of deep, compartments for herbs and flowers, but also offers handy storage underneath.

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Space-saving cold frame

If you don't have room for a greenhouse, this compact cold frame would be ideal. Small-Space Cold Frame, Zest

This Small Space Cold Frame is a fab alternative to a greenhouse, which might not be feasible for those of us with smaller gardens. It's great for growing seedlings in preparation for planting out in the spring and can also be fitted on top of the Raised Herb Planter for easier accessibility.

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Tiered planter

Grow herbs aplenty, even if you have a dinky outdoors space, with this savvy tiered planter. Stepped Herb Planter, Zest

Zest's planters, herb stands and cold frames are perfect for beginner gardeners and experts alike. As well as a range of raised beds on legs to save bending and deep root planters, the brand also offers innovative ideas such as vertical and tiered herb stands, like the one above, which maximise growing space on a small footprint.

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Vertical planter

Grow a plethora of herbs, salad leaves or trailing flowers (or all three!) in this space-saving vertical planter. Vertical Herb Stand, Zest

If you're after an easy to reach planter that you can fill with herbs for your cooking, this vertical herb stand might be just the thing. It has three generous planters but measures under 3ft so it's perfect for dinky patio gardens and balconies.

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Raised cold frame

You can mix and match Zest's planters, and even combine them! As shown here with the Small Space Cold Frame atop the Raised Herb Planter.

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Flowerbed planters & aquatic planters

Zest 4 Leisure's raised flower beds can also be used as aquatic planters, Zest

If growing flowers is more your cup of tea than growing fruit and veg, then a traditional raised flower bed, like the sleeper raised bed above, might be best for you. Not only can you grow a large range of plants and flowers in these planters, you can use them as aquatic planters too! It comes with a durable PVC liner so you can add pond plants and create your own mini water feature.

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