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Crittall Windows

How to maximise light and space in your home with Crittall’s windows

Want to refresh your home this summer? With Crittall’s sleek steel-framed windows you can transform a dark and unloved room into a light and airy haven

If you want to make your home look like something from a Pinterest board, then Crittall’s gorgeous steel window frames will tick all your boxes. Crittall has made its iconic frames for almost 200 years – and unsurprisingly, they’re just as sought-after now as ever before. Simple, minimalist and chic, these frames will add instant glamour to any room, whether they’re a window feature or they’re used to create doors, room dividers or even a shower screen.

Crittall Windows
Crittall Windows

Let the light in

Crittall’s steel window frames are ideal if you want to give your period house a new lease of life, as they offer a timeless, retro look with a contemporary twist. Alternatively, you can use them to cleverly break up your interior space and allow light to flow through. For example, imagine splitting your lounge into a living area and a dining room with a stylish interior screen. It would partition the room without impacting on light and space, giving you a modern, open plan feeling with a fresh update.

Want to get more enjoyment from your garden? Bring the outdoors in with a floor-to-ceiling Crittall window. Merging your indoor and outdoor space will not only create a light-filled home, but it will also help you feel a little closer to nature. What’s more, thanks to thermal insulation, chilly draughts needn’t be a concern.

Crittall Windows

The real deal

Crittall windows really are a thing of beauty, but it’s the craftsmanship that goes into them that really makes them shine. For a start, they don’t come off the shelf. Every product made is bespoke, so you can rest assured that it will fit perfectly in your home. Using a mix of hand-crafted, centuries-old techniques and innovative technology, Crittall manufactures the frames right here in the UK. And galvanised, with a powder-coated colour finish, they’re virtually maintenance-free.

The installation is really easy, too. Simply get in contact with one of Crittall’s Specialist Partners and they’ll offer you a completely stress-free service from your first enquiry to the installation and after-sales. So, go on, brighten up your home with Crittall’s frames this summer.