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How natural light in your home office can boost productivity

Maximise your wellbeing and your concentration with a little help from Crittall Windows’ range of light-enhancing products

For many of us, recent events have shifted the office into our homes, so now is the ideal time to create an effective workspace within your own four walls. And when it comes to defining any space in your home, natural light is a crucial factor – and this is especially true of your home office.

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Read on to discover why daylight is so important and how Crittall Windows can help increase the amount you get in your working environment...

Crittall Windows
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In broad daylight

It’s been scientifically proven that exposure to daylight has a positive impact on our mental health and our productivity. Our internal body clock is boosted by it, as it suppresses sleep-inducing hormones leading to higher concentration levels, and the UV wavelengths have a positive impact on our immune system. With increased cognitive function and improved general health, positioning your workspace near a well-lit window has more benefits than just a scenic view.

Feel-good factor

The hallmark of a Crittall window is the slender steel frame, which is much slimmer than alternative window systems, and as a result allows a lot more natural light in. Adding beautifully crafted walls of glazing and slim-profiled windows can help give a period property a timeless style, as well as define spaces in a new build. Glazed internal walls create an increased sense of space and can connect with the outdoors to bring the calming feel of a garden to your interior.

“Our homes play a big part in our sense of wellbeing, and lighting and exposure to natural light play a big part in this. Exposure to daylight lessens the reliance on artificial lighting, which reduces energy consumption. Cleverly designed and glazed windows play a key role in the distribution of light throughout your home.”
Russell Ager, Managing Director of Crittall Windows

Crittall Windows
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Lighten up the inside

On-trend steel interior screens and sliding doors offer open-plan living with many options – so you can partition areas to create independent zones without impacting on light or space. Crittall’s slim-profile windows and InnerVision internal glazed steel screens are designed for modern living, featuring clean lines, subtle detailing and functional elements. Advanced glazing options maximise natural illumination while improving the space’s acoustics. Every Crittall window, door and screen is tailormade, with the company offering a complete service from initial enquiry to installation and after-sales service.

The future of working

• A survey of nearly 1,000 firms showed that 74% plan on maintaining the increase in home working*.
• Studies have found that 9 in 10 workers who worked from home during the lockdowns want to continue doing so.
• A 2018 survey found that 80% of UK office workers said daylight was important to them.

* Source Institute of Directors

Crittall Windows
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