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7 stylish artworks that will bring spring vibes into your home

Hanging wall art is the perfect way to add ambience to any space – and you’ll be spoilt for choice with Posterlounge

Whether you’re planning a maximalist gallery wall or simply want to add a few stylish accent pieces to a white space, decorating your home with prints is a quick and simple way to put your own personal stamp on things. And Posterlounge, an online shop for high-quality wall art, is the perfect place to start.

As well as offering hundreds of unique designs, each print comes in a range of sizes and on different materials, including poster paper, canvas, aluminium or wood. You’ll also get to choose from an array of stylish frames for the ultimate finishing touch. And, given that spring is all about fresh starts and new beginnings, there’s arguably never been a better time to spruce up your abode with some new wall art!

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Here are just some of the must-have artworks you can shop now...

1. A dandelion daze

Dandelions radiate peace and tranquillity and will undoubtedly bring a calming element to any room. Of course, real dandelions aren’t exactly a viable option for your home, but fortunately this unique artwork by the talented Andrea Haase is.

2. Spring splendour

This wall art by Dear Dear will bring serious spring vibes to your living room – and it looks even more stunning in a rustic wooden frame. Minimalist and modern art like this looks gorgeous in every space, but its uplifting design makes it a great one for brightening up your home office.

3. Watercolour wonder

Spring is all about bright colours and that’s exactly what you get with Jody Bergma’s Spread Your Wings artwork. The artist, whose water-colouring technique is self-taught, seamlessly blends the elements with her imaginative inner visions to create her unique designs. Available on an aluminum print, this one really is a must-have!

4. Roses are red

Flowers are the ultimate spring symbol and this wood print by Waldemar Strempler features beautiful pink blooms that will add a welcome splash of colour to any room. A true visionary, Strempler's work is characterised by a keen sense of drawing, colour and proportion, a clear line and other powers of observation.

5. In full bloom

Spring Soul is a classic from Valeriya Korenkova and this premium poster looks even more striking when it’s placed in a chic white frame. Whether you stand it on a shelf, place it on a desk or hang it on the wall, this timeless picture will no doubt become one of your favourites!

6. A bouquet to give away

Jan Davidsz de Heem was a still life painter who remains an icon in both Dutch and Flemish Baroque painting circles. His artwork Vase of Flowers is one of his most captivating and is available as an acrylic print. It looks great in a contrasting white frame, too!

7. Stay humble

When spring is just around the corner, so are the bumblebees. And with Velozee’s Anatomy of the Buff-Tailed Bumblebee you can embrace nature like never before. Not only will it make for a striking art addition, it’s fascinating bee facts are sure to capture any future guest’s attention.

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